Our Business

As a mining and sub-contracting company, Inter-Mining Services provides experience, expertise and equipment. We boast industry-leading solutions in mining, civil engineering/construction and technical assistance.

From site preparation to earth-moving, heavy equipment rental and more, we offer a full suite of servicesto support projects in Mali and the West African region.

Exploration & Mining

We proudly provide green field and brown field mineral exploration services including drilling. Our highly trained professionals give special attention to the recovery and identification of drill samples. We collaborate with qualified geologists and each sample is classified immediately, handled with the utmost care.

Prior to exploration and other mining activities, we provide mine development including feasibility planning, clearing and blasting, construction of mining facilities and infrastructure development. During and after mining, we also provide management of waste rock and rock waste.

Excavation & Transportation

Using precision processes and expert tools, we do topsoil, deep soil, earth and rock excavation.  Our offerings include excavation of industrial minerals, bulk commodity minerals, precious metals and rare earth metals.  We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact.  We also engage in restoration, rehabilitation and ecosystem recreation.

 Inter-Mining Services plans and manages the transportation of mined materials from the source to final destination. We provide transportation of minerals as well as long-distance transportation of ores.


Earth Moving, Drilling & Construction

Inter-Mining Services prepares the land and foundation for civil structures. We also establish and eliminate construction sites, construct and maintain regional roads and airstrips, and build wastewater dams and water retention structures. Our company is expert in concrete works and we also stand ready to supply needed construction materials including sand, gravel, aggregates, cement, and more.

We are the premier choice for drilling and blasting. We conduct rotary air blast (RAB), reverse circulation (RC), air-core drilling, drilling explosive holes and more. In addition to blasting, we also provide crushing to reduce and process large materials.

We move earth and rubble for mining, civil engineering or building projects. Our heavy machinery can tackle your road and railway construction, urban infrastructure, ports, and mining activities. We also provide rental of heavy equipment


In addition to our service offerings, Inter-Mining Services has invested in state-of-the-art equipment. We believe the right tools, equipment and know how, can lead to success. We are a leading supplier of heavy equipment rentals. We can also offer equipment operators or help with operator training.

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